Sensual Massage Types

How To Massage A Woman In A Sensual Way

For thousands of years, Tantric sexual artists have employed sensual massage as a method. describes it as a way to enhance closeness and facilitate the exchange of positive, passionate energy between sexes. It’s a terrific way to spice up a tired sexual routine or deepen a burgeoning or sputtering romance. When it comes to sensual massage, it can be a stand-alone act or a prelude to more sexually explicit behaviours.

Create An Atmosphere

The location where your massage will take place needs to be one where you feel safe, secure, and comfortable. Smell and music preferences should be taken into consideration when creating the perfect environment for a relationship. A warm, inviting ambiance can be created by lighting candles or using diffused room lighting. Keep her warm with fresh bedding or towels as you work on other parts of her body. Set up pillows all throughout the place so she may easily alter the level of comfort as needed.

Make use of essential oils. Skin-to-skin contact causes friction, which is reduced by oils. Using a high-quality massage oil will make it much easier to glide your hands over her skin. It will also make your hands feel velvety soft because of the emollients in them. Libido-stimulating oils and scents are used in the scenting of several oils.

Start By Rubbing The Area

Make her comfortable by having her lie on her stomach. Start with her neck and shoulders, as well as any other tense parts of her body. Move more slowly and deeply against her skin than you would in a less sensual massage. Consider listening and looking for signs that suggest her preferences, such as a rise in body temperature or the production of pleasurable sounds when touched. To relieve stress, knead the major back muscles with the heels of your palms.

Focus On Areas Of Arousal Instead Of Stress

Gently graze her breasts with your hands as you pass them over her body. Bring your body up close to hers and let her feel your breath and warmth. Trace your fingertips in the shape of a heart around her hips and down to her thighs using a feather-like touch to activate the nerves in the small of your back. Put your hands on the back of her thighs and make your way down them.

As you work your way inward from the back of her knees, gently press in a circular motion with your fingertips. Stop a few inches below the point where her legs join her body after running your hands up the insides of her thighs. Add a touch of titillation by quickly removing your hands from your face. Continue massaging her feet after you’ve re-oilied your hands and finished your massage. If she’ll let you, ask her to roll over so you can get to her feet more easily. As a result, she’ll be in a more open and relaxed position, making it easier for you to do things like massage her front body or engage in sexual activity.


Before you do something blatantly sexual, such as caressing someone’s breasts or genitals, be sure you have their consent. Stop if a lady tells you to, or if her body language stiffens, indicating she is uncomfortable. When in close proximity to another person’s genitals or bodily fluids, always wear protection.

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