How To Do A Sensual Massage

If there is a way to show emotions without saying a word, it is with touch, and that is that sensuality is a matter of attitude, so if you want to get out of the routine and surprise your partner with a delicious encounter, nothing better than preparing a Very intimate and personal massage, where both of you manage to connect and relax to start a romantic night, if you want to know everything we will explain how to do a sensual massage to get your partner to enjoy the most

Steps To Follow:

  1. Prepare The Room , it is good that it is clean and tidy to create a balanced environment, buy flowers and scented candles with scents that promote relaxation such as lavender, light them throughout the room and if you lack light, turn on a lamp but very dim, the idea is that the environment invites an intimate encounter
  2. The Background Music is not mandatory, but if it can help, do not use music that lulls your partner but rather that which seduces and stimulates the senses, because this sensual massage has two purposes to relax but also to seduce through touch.
  3. Buy massage oil that is not too greasy or aromatic, as your partner may not like it, you can also use moisturizing cream for the body, if the person is more sensitive to odors this is the best option
  4. Forget the massagers, leave them for when your partner needs a more therapeutic massage, this time the idea is to use your hands , that the other feels your skin and your touch to provoke a more romantic and sensual atmosphere
  5. Start at the back from top to bottom with gentle movements, do not press too hard on stress points, we want to seduce not cause pain
  6. Go down to his legs passing through the buttocks, here you can stop and play for a while , offering the first signs that this match is going to end very well. Rub the legs with both hands trying to stimulate circulation , then go up and continue a little more on the back
  7. Ask him to turn around and start at the feet, stimulating the tender points, if you want to increase the sensuality before he turns, take off your clothes or stay in underwear, choose a sensual garment that you know your partner will enjoy
  8. After the feet go through the legs and the crotch again , stop for as long as you want, then go up, on the chest use circular and delicate movements, then use the tips of your fingers to make it softer. Do not forget the arms and the head, which you will also massage with very gentle movements
  9. If you want to increase the romp, you can intersperse the massages with kisses and caresses , the idea is to stimulate your partner to the maximum to create an atmosphere of seduction, so play but wait until the massage is finished to move to the next level. Unleash your creativity and your desire and do not be afraid to enjoy this moment with your partner


  • A sensual massage is an excellent gift for a special celebration, but it is also a good plan for any day, surprise your partner when they least expect it
  • This activity can be repeated several times, you can also plan a sensual bath, a more daring intimate encounter, imagination is your best ally, do not be afraid to explore

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